As mentioned I finally finished the 4×5, and I’m very excited to get out and put some miles on it! But unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. I did get things sorted out with the Polaroid film holder and I’ve made some nice test shots on Fuji fp100c. And when my box of Arista ISO 100 film arrived from Freestyle I made two test exposures – which look great, meaning no light leaks, plane of focus where I expected it to be, etc. The images themselves are nothing to write home about. 

I did get around to developing all of my 35mm film. Some good images were discovered!

Sparks Hills Near Pryamid
Paint Streaks On Concrete Wall
Tree And Hilltop
Tree And Communications Towers

More to come! I’m scanning the last two rolls right now, and I’m hoping to go out shooting with the 4×5 in the next few days. Then the fun will really begin!


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