I developed four films in Rodinal and got very good looking negatives:


I noticed a horizontal line that had to be the result of an inadequate volume if developer in the tank. Turns out I need 850mL to submerge 4×5’s rather than the 600mL I tried first. 

Satisfied with these results I then loaded a single film in the tank and processed using the SAME Caffenol C-M solution I mixed up the other day. I processed for 15 min at 20°C with three agitations each minute. And…


I then ran the remaining films with the Caffenol. It all looks good!

The two negatives above are actually the last ones  I did, but they all looked similar. 

I’ll get them scanned and post again. 

After developing with Rodinal it’s a bit hard to go back to Caffenol. A 3 1/2 minute development time is really easy to get used to – as opposed to fifteen minutes with coffee. This got me thinking about trying to come up with a faster version of Caffenol C. Maybe increasing the Instant Coffee and Ascorbic Acid – 1.5x or maybe 2x the normal amount. This calls for some experimentation!


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