Back From Europe

We returned safely from our amazing tour of Europe. I took a few hundred photos. I haven’t had the time to sit down and sift thru them. There are perhaps a dozen that may be worth the space they occupy on my memory card. The majority are headed for the trash. 

Since our triumphant return I learned that our fourth-grade daughter’s class will soon be participating in an activity called “Frozen Theater.” It vaguely resembles a school play where the students dress up as well-known figures from Nevada history. They stand like statues until an observer “presses their button” after which they recite a short blurb they have written and memorized telling about the person they represent. Family members of all students are invited to attend. 

Our daughter selected Civil War and early western photographer Timothy O’sullivan – bless her heart! Therefore I have been called upon to assist in her preparations. And I suppose it goes without saying that my recently completed field camera will make the perfect display piece to really sell her presentation. 

But I simply cannot have a vintage-appearing camera sitting on a clearly modern aluminum tripod! It just won’t do!

So I have been hustling along constructing a nice wooden tripod. I’ve been planning this for some time but there is nothing like a deadline to get a project going!

I’m making it using boards I salvaged from a maple counter top a friend was having replaced as well as a bit of Baltic birch plywood. 

Here is one leg almost completely assembled:



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